Handmade, sand cast, raw jewelry.

Handmade, sand cast brutalist rings are unique pieces of jewelry that are made using traditional metal casting techniques. These rings are typically crafted from sterling silver, and have a raw, industrial aesthetic that is characteristic of the brutalist design style.

The sand casting process involves packing sand into a mold to create a negative impression of the desired shape, which is then filled with molten silver to create the final product. This technique results in a ring that has an irregular texture and rough finish, with visible imperfections that add to its handmade charm.

Brutalist rings often feature bold, geometric shapes and angular, asymmetrical designs that are inspired by the forms and textures of modern architecture. They may also incorporate other materials such as concrete, leather, or wood to add additional texture and visual interest.

We are Magda and Szymon. We’re happy to have you here!

Magda Kluczyńska
Boskie Duo
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Tomy DoTomy Do
11:19 05 May 23
Amazing craftman and amazing jewelry ! Szymon was mindful, attentive and flexible to meet my expectations the best way.I am very happy with the final result, I recommend him without any doubt !
Antoine LeblondAntoine Leblond
16:50 02 Mar 23
Great service and arranging people!
Magda SzerszenowiczMagda Szerszenowicz
12:34 11 Dec 22
Very efficient communication via IG, fast shipping - free, which is rare. I bought a set of earrings + ring for a gift. Beautiful jewelry ☺️ I'm sure the recipient will be delighted ☺️ I recommend it.
Anna OlichwerAnna Olichwer
09:48 25 Oct 22
The ring I ordered is beautiful, but the approach to the customer captivated me the most! Szymon undertook to enlarge the wedding ring by two sizes without any additional costs and after a few days I got it back! It took less than two weeks to purchase, return, correct and re-ship, we were in constant touch and always knew what was going on. Thank you very much for your help and I highly recommend it!
Camille ValbusaCamille Valbusa
04:37 17 Sep 22
I am completely in love with my necklace! It’s a true piece of art, very unique. My order was beautifully and carefully packed. It also arrived very fast! This is one of my favorites stores 🙂
Sergejs MalnačsSergejs Malnačs
13:02 27 Aug 22
The best service i've ever meet
Ewa KluczyńskaEwa Kluczyńska
09:54 25 Aug 22
I heartily recommend it to everyone! We have two beautiful rings, the ones that I know will not repeat themselves 🙂 At my request, they made the frame more golden. Inside, fragments of the forest are beautifully melted in.This jewelry is made with a heart and is truly one of a kind ❤️🍀
Maria KrajewskaMaria Krajewska
08:59 20 Aug 22
Beautiful, original jewelry. I already have a ring with a piece of forest, a necklace and earrings in my collection and I am very happy with their quality. In addition, pleasant contact with the store staff and fast shipping. I will definitely come back for more 🙂
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