Black stones ring- silver ring cast with natural black spinels.


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Black stones ring- silver ring cast with natural black spinels.

Silver ring with spinels – is created by hand, using the sand casting technique, which gives each piece its own unique look. It is the sand that gives the ring its unique texture. Because of the manufacturing method, individual rings are cast individually from sterling silver.

The ring is cast with natural black spinels.  The number of stones can, of course, be customized individually for you. We can also create a ring with other stones of your choice. Contact us, we will arrange the details and make a special offer for you.

The width of this ring is about 11-12mm (0,43-0,47in) and it is made of 925 silver and cast in place natural black spinels (2mm).

In this model, the edges are regular, although there are breaks in the continuity of the edge. The ring is oxidized.

The modern sterling silver ring has the vibe of jewelry that has survived centuries and was discovered during excavations. It has an organic and sophisticated look. When I think about how to describe it, single words come to mind first.

Power, expressiveness, mystery.

There is something about them that I love to make them. They always surprise you when you take them out of the mold.

These rings are unisex and can also be an indiscriminate alternative to wedding or partnership rings.

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Why our ring is special and unique?

Each jewelry item is individually cast and crafted by hand, meaning that there may be slight variations from the one depicted in the product listing photograph.


Can I see the finished ring before shipping?

Of course! We can present the created ring prior to dispatch. If you wish, we will send you a short video of your order. Just inform us in the “order notes” or through social media.

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The process by which the jewellery is made.

Brutalist rings made using traditional metal casting techniques and sand casting are one-of-a-kind ornaments that are individual in appearance. Usually made of sterling silver or an alloy of another metal ( bronze or brass), these rings possess a rough and industrial appearance that is a common trait of brutalist design.

Sand casting process includes filling molds with sand to create a negative impression of the shape required.The mold is then filled with molten silver to build the final product. Result is a jewelry with an irregular texture, rough finish, and visible imperfections that contribute to its handcrafted appeal.

Brutalist rings are often characterized by bold, geometric shapes and angular shapes. Asymmetric patterns are inspired by the forms and textures of modern architecture

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