Bronze cuff bracelet. Sand casting technique.


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The cuff bracelets are created by hand and cast individually, using a traditional sand casting technique.
Each cuff is a little different, so before shipping I will send you a video where you will see the finished bracelet for your approval.

Texture of the bracelet is created by sand during the casting process, giving each piece its own unique look.

Dimensions and weight:
15mm (0.5906in) wide, about 2-3mm (0.0787-0.1181in) thick, weight depends on the size, medium size weighs about 50g.
See the gallery for sizing info or contact us if you have doubts or need a different size.

Please note that bronze is a metal that can stain your skin. This is a normal reaction of the copper contained in the bronze alloy with the sweat of the skin. Also bronze patinates over time. This is the charm of bronze jewelry, that it will constantly change.

Waiting time up to 7 days.

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