Mystery skull necklace, rough and blackened.


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Mystery skull necklace

Mystery skull necklace, rough and blackened.

Handcrafted in a modern brutalist style with sand-textured elements, this avant-garde jewellery collection is truly one of a kind.

Material – silver 925.

The height of the pendant is 2,7cm – 1.063in. Width is 2cm – 0.755in. Max. Thickness 5mm – 0,195in.
Choice of chain length : 40cm – 15,7in, 50cm – 19,7in, 60cm – 23,6in, 70cm – 27,5in or pendant alone.

If you want a different length of the chain then write me a message before buying.

Waiting time to make the necklace up to 7 days, plus shipping.

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We will be happy to talk with you!

Why our jewellery is special and unique?

Each jewelry item is individually cast and crafted by hand, meaning that there may be slight variations from the one depicted in the product listing photograph.

The process by which the jewellery is made.

Made using traditional metal casting and sand casting techniques, our necklaces are one-of-a-kind ornaments with an individual look. Usually made from silver or an alloy of another metal (bronze or brass). These jewellery pieces have a rough and industrial look that is a common feature of brutalist design.

The sand casting process involves filling moulds with sand to create a negative impression of the required shape, and then filling the mould with molten silver to build the final product. The result is jewellery with an irregular texture, rough finish and visible imperfections that contribute to its handmade charm.

Brutalist necklaces are often characterised by bold geometric shapes and angular shapes. Asymmetrical designs are inspired by the forms and textures of modern architecture.

We are Magda and Szymon. We’re glad you’re here!

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